Get to know our qualified Academic Staff

Laylan Ali

Studied English Literature
Over 7 years of experience teaching English
Currently teaches Lower Elementary

Tavga Jaafar Mohammed

Administrative Department

Sahand Kamal Abdulrahman

BA in Fine Arts
Art and Music Teacher Ms. Sahand has 2 years of experience teaching music and art.

Bekhal Hara Majid

College of Education and Languages, Department of English at the Lebanese French University
Teacher of the Lower Elementary Department

Hive Hanna

Bachelor in French Education
Teaching Assistant in the the Lower Elementary Department Ms. Hive has more than two years of experience working as an educational teaching assistant.

Azhin Gailany

Bachelor of Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Geology
Elementary Teacher Ms. Azhin has taught more than 5 years.

Sazan Norruldeen

Bachelor of Science in Kurdish Language
Kurdish Teacher Ms. Sazan has taught for more than two years.

Srwa Farhad

Administrative Department
Degree from the English Department at Salahhaddin University
Ms. Srwa graduated from the Chemistry department of the Education University.

Aishatu Gariba

University of Cape Coast, College of Education
Lower Primary Teacher
7 years of experience as an English Teacher in Jordan, Ghana, and Kurdistan

Teaching as a profession is a calling from above. I love teaching. When you love what you do, not only will you make difference in your students’ lives, but you will make a difference in your own as well. I get an opportunity to inspire students both academically and personally as well. Teaching allows me to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment and see my students grow in knowledge, confidence and skills.

Mardin Ali

Bachelor of Accounting and Finance
Teacher Assistant, Lower Primary Department

Loves working with children and is passionate about helping them learn and grow

Warda Azad

Bachelor of Arts in Social Work
School Counselor
Montessori teaching methods are effective and encourage students to think creatively, while also preparing them with the ability to embrace different environments. Students are encouraged to think, express their thoughts, and the Montessori method allows them this freedom.

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Benefits About Montessori Education:

  • Self-worth
  • Increased Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Environment Respect
  • Community Awareness
  • Increased Aptitude a better understanding of concepts, grammar, story structure, mathematical operations, geometry, deep understanding of the history, geography, social studies, science