About Us

Our Success

Perhaps the most significant reason for our success is the comprehensive method of education, resulting from an integration of research on development, learning, curriculum, and teaching.

What is Montessori?

Montessori is an approach to the education of children. It is a way of looking at, and understanding, children. It is a view of how children develop and learn, which has been translated into a systematic method of education based upon careful scientific study.

The Montessori educational system is unique in that it has successfully undergone continued development for over one hundred years, and has been used effectively with children with all levels and abilities, include diverse and additional needs, in different countries around the world.

Professional Teaching

Our teachers at Montessori school are well educated and professionally trained to be able deliver the knowledge they are possessing to your children in a healthy way because we know that our children are our future.

Fully Equipped

Our school is fully equipped with the necessary accessories a child might be in need of as well as all the facilities a modern school must have to live up to and even beyond all the expectations parents should have.

Funny & Happy

Going to school must be fun, and our children must be happy to go to school that is why we offer them all the fun that children need to make sure that they are happy being in school, and that is our goal.

Fulfill With Love

It is all parent’s dream to see their children have fulfilled their education successfully and that’s our duty to make that possible. With Montessori method of education we can assure you that your children will fulfill their education with love.

Join the Montessori School in Erbil

Register your child at the Montessori Erbil School, and let them reach their maximum potential. Learn, have fun & share the love.


Benefits About Montessori Education:

  • Self-worth
  • Increased Confidence
  • Leadership
  • Environment Respect
  • Community Awareness
  • Increased Aptitude a better understanding of concepts, grammar, story structure, mathematical operations, geometry, deep understanding of the history, geography, social studies, science