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International Montessori School

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What people says about Montessori School in Erbil.

  • My daughter’s reading skills have improved greatly. She has learned to ask and answer questions, and is more active.

    KG1 Parent
  • My child is getting along with other students. Her English has improved greatly.

    Happy KG2 Parents
  • He arranges time to sleep and he follows it as his teacher has encouraged.

    G1 Parent
  • My child has started to write numbers and is recognizing shapes and arrows everywhere he sees them.

    Proud KG1 parent
  • She is learning to follow rules and picking up after herself. She is also getting along very well with others.

    KG1 parent
  • Her English language is much better.

    KG2 parent, Ali
  • Now she is better in English and follows up on her studies and homework.

    G1 Parent
  • There is good communication between us and the school. When we need or ask for something the school is so helpful.

    KG1 parent, Omar